Hi, I'm Kate Tuhai
I'm a Lead UX Designer with over 5 years of experience in fintech, streaming & movie services and no-code. I specialize in designing mobile, web and voice interfaces.

One of my biggest accomplishments was launching an application store that reached 70 million users. My most recent product, Sizze, was named Product of the Day on Product Hunt and gained 16,500 users within 6 months without any advertising. I also lead UX/UI course in BHSAD and Careerist.
Product design & Research
UX/UI design
Voice and multimodal UI
Enterprise systems & SaaS
Mobile, native and web
'AirBnB' for actors

Design and research from scratch. 23000 users in 6 months in database, Apple TV contract concluded through the platform
Multimodal app store for HD-TV, mobile devices and smart display
Research, design, art direction, leading team with 10 designers. 70M users, +15% to retention rate. Voice/touch, HD, mobile and web interfaces design.
Design and research from scratch. Figma Plugin and editor creating. 16 572 users in 6 months were attracted without ads.
Sizze. No-code tool for making full-fledged native apps
Platform for IT-tools sales
Research, design, art direction. Leading the team with 10 designers. 60 000 users in 1 year, +20% to IT-products sales
No-code editor for making voice & multimodal apps
Design and research. 60 000 users in 1 year, +15% to retention rate, +20% to metric 'Create new project'
Backstage on request
Multimodal Smart devices store (voice, touch)
Research, design, art-direction
Backstage on request
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